Point Loma Community

It doesn’t get any better than living in Point Loma. Point Loma borders the San Diego Bay and extends to the “Point” which is where you will find the Cabrillo National Monument which houses two light houses. One is the Original Point Loma Lighthouse built in 1855 which is now a museum, and the new one that was built lower because the fog and low clouds obscured the light in the original light house.


Point Loma geography is flat at the beach and then it gradually rises to 422 Ft high and then slowly descends into Ocean Beach. Since you have this gradual height many homes in Point Loma have views of the Bay with Downtown or Coronado Island or the Point and the Pacific beyond. There are many different areas in Point Loma consisting of Plumosa Park (also known as upper Loma Portal), Loma Portal, Liberty Station, Roseville, Fleetridge, Wooded Area, and La Playa.