Dianna Meza


Dianna Meza, a native San Diegan, began her successful career in mortgage and real estate in 2004. In addition to being an expert and experienced, she possesses extensive knowledge in lending and finance, which has propelled her to the top of her field in real estate and has given her the extra edge in negotiations and transactional navigations for her clients.


Her relationship with you begins with a detailed consultation of the home buying process step by step, and the state of the market today. She has a gift of listening very intently so that she addresses all your wants, needs and concerns. This process will provide you with the confidence and peace of mind to proceed successfully and empower you to make the best decisions for yourself, which she always graciously supports.


Dianna is deeply committed to serving her community and church. She believes that “It is through serving others that we find true fulfillment.” When she is not working, you can find her enjoying everything this wonderful city has to offer with her family and friends.



DRE #01735518

(619) 993-8161





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Dianna’s Success Stories

It has been a long time since I’ve gone through the home buying and loan process, and I have to admit I was a little intimidated with re-learning the system all over again. My honest concern throughout was “not knowing,” and putting myself in vulnerable situations with the concern of “loosing out” on time and money. These concerns went away when I met Dianna. She walked me through the entire process, educating and preparing me for each progressive step, and she never scuffed at my questions. This gave me peace of mind, especially as I was also simultaneously dealing with my escrow and lender. Dianna was always super friendly, understanding, and flexible. More importantly, she was always accessible. Her responsiveness and availability via email and text made it easy to address deadlines and concerns. Even when I had unrelated items or concerns, she was always helpful to provide context and recommendations for managing the overall home buying process. She became someone I could implicitly trust. I could not have asked for a better representative and supporting staff. The team was always on their game, inspiring confidence at each step of the process. With my loan being a VA Loan, I was anticipating potential issues, but that never happened. All things considered, I could not have asked for a better home buying experience.

Laura M.

Bought a Condo in La Mesa