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Point Loma, San Diego: Community News and Stories


With a rich history dating back to the Spanish voyages in 1769, Point Loma, San Diego is a distinctive community. It’s widely regarded as the place where California began.


Point Loma boasts historic lighthouses, natural parks, and national monuments. A renaissance in the 1920s provided it with a wealth of unique architecture.


In a city with so much culture, there’s always plenty going on. Here’s what’s new in Point Loma.


Updates to the North Chapel


A familiar event venue is due for an update. The 1942 decommissioned Naval chapel in Liberty Station has been a scenic setting for weddings and a continuing place of worship for a small congregation of parishioners.


Some of that is set to change as the building undergoes renovations.


Leaded stained glass windows will get cleaned up and repaired. Some of the interior fixtures, like pews and pulpits, might temporarily be removed to accommodate larger events.


There are no plans to get rid of any of the personality of the mission style building. The exposed interior beams, white stucco walls, and the clay tile roof are part of its indelible historic charm.


While rumors abound about its future use, it’s likely the chapel will expand its status as a venue and nothing more, commercially speaking.


Form and Utility


Utility boxes around town continue to receive an artistic update. Mural artists have been dispatched to give the boxes a facelift, and crews of volunteers work to clean and prep them.


Some boxes feature hyperrealistic foliage and a variety of birds. There are butterflies, bicyclists, and boats. The scenic ocean setting of Point Loma has also been depicted with high contrast sharks and underwater scenes.


This beautification project injects an unexpected punch of color into daily life, and it’s been a community building exercise. In all of San Diego, Point Loma’s utility boxes are sure to make you smile.


Swimming with Sharks


Have you ever had the itch to swim with sharks? Now you can!


Point Loma’s own Islander Charters offers an all-inclusive cage diving experience out at Guadalupe Island. Get up close and personal with the Great Whites.


Locals reported seeing ten sharks in one day, not to mention all the yellowtail, jellyfish, and fur and elephant seals. The underwater cage accommodates four divers at a time.


The trip includes meals, gear, and housing on a roomy 88-foot charter.


Lung Force Walk


It’s that time again. The American Lung Association’s annual Lung Force Walk is coming up on January 27th.


Spend the day raising money for lung cancer research and get to know some Lung Force leaders and heroes along the way. There are activities for kids and inspiration abounds.


That’s the Latest from Point Loma, San Diego


Point Loma is as effervescent as ever. The Arts have taken to the streets, and history continues to evolve with new uses for landmark buildings.


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